Welcome to The Messy Mind of a "Type A" Wannabe

July 17, 2014


Welcome to The Messy Mind of a Type A Wannabe. Catchy title, right? It came to me as I was sitting on the plane, in the middle of my 20 minute mediation session. Mediation is one of the most powerful methods for me to gain insight, focus and most importantly clarity!


Ok now back to the title....I have always thought and coined myself as a Type A personality. Yet, as I started to peel back the layers of myself and really, I mean REALLY review the feedback I received from missed appointments, rescheduling mishaps and overall communication and management breakdowns, it clicked! I broke through the walls of resistance and accepted that I am a person who WANTS to be a Type A, but I keep missing the mark. Over and Over and Over again! AND that is OK. Acceptance is the key in the right direction and I'm on the path of accepting where I am and look forward to being a Type A.


Now the title also includes Messy Mind. Let me break that down. As an entrepreneur, my mind travels at 1,000 miles per minute. While this type of thinking can lead to marvelous ideas of grandeur on the verge of calling myself Albert Einstein reincarnated or as I like to say Einstein 2.0 The Remix, there are too many ideas swimming around... I needed an outlet. So, hence this forum to express my ideas centered around my passion... training, organizational change management and my experiences within these areas throughout my 15 years as a consultant.


So.... I hope you enjoyed my brief (yes, I said brief) introduction to my "mind" and I look forward to sharing more about myself with you in the upcoming weeks.


Embracing My Messy Mind, Tammy


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