A Messy Mind IS manageable and can THRIVE!

August 5, 2014



EVERYONE is on their iPads, cell phones, iPods.... the "white" light on just about every type of electronic device is beaming on the faces of humans. You see it... when you stand in line at your favorite take out, at the gas station and goodness forbid, when you turn to your left or right at a red light. We no longer see the faces of people, but the top of heads as they are in a slumped stupor position glazing into their device.


Multitasking, you say, HAD become the buzz word. Hail to the people who can pump gas while sending an important text as they yell out multiplication practice problems to their daughter who is sitting in the back seat of the car. This type of thinking was celebrated in the business world and is still celebrated today, depending upon the company and culture. Employees are rewarded for the number of vacation days carried over into the new year, how many billable hours a consultant charged on a project and how many hours in one day did it take to invent the next big thing.


However, bold individuals, such as Adrianna Huffington, are spearheading a movement (#THRIVE) in which self preservation should be honored. While, I personally, was unable to attend the conference in NYC this past April, I trended and followed on Twitter (and no, I was not pumping gas and yelling multiplication practice problems to my daughter). It was refreshing to see people all over the world redefine success and shift from a “multitasking is king” mentality to a more “one thing at one time” fulfilled life.


I, for one, was the multitasking queen. Yet, as I told you earlier, I realized that I did not multitask very well. Multitasking led to distance as I was not focused on one thing. This led to an unmanageable messy mind.


HOWEVER, I am here to proclaim there is support for this type of untidiness in the brain. The messy mind can be manageable and THRIVE by being present in every moment...your complete attention in each thing that you do...one at a time. By providing 100% of your presence in each task, you will actually become more efficient and effective.


This sounds very simple. You may be saying to yourself, “Focus on one thing at a time... Easy!” Let me tell you, if you are the person who loves the illumination of your electric device on your face and enjoy conversing with a person where they are only see the top of your head... this may be a challenge.


Yet, if you make the first commitment to:


1) Take a break from the illuminating light of your electronic device

2) Look up and forward

4) Make contact with your object who is commanding your attention

5) Be present in the conversation with the person who wants to see your eyes the most


The messy mind will become manageable and eventually THRIVE as you decide to focus on one thing at a time.


Embrace Your Messy Mind,



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