It Starts with People….. People! Why I'm "Crushing" on Marcus Lemonis

April 20, 2016


When I first had the idea of writing blog, my goal was to only write about areas such as, training, change management or communications for system implementations. Yet, being aligned with the title, "A Messy Mind", you never know what may end up on this page. Although, it is my intention to stay somewhere in the general vicinity of these subject areas. Now, we have cleared that up, let's get to what has been on my mind for the past several days.


Marcus Lemonis is my new crush! In my head, he is my best friend, my business partner and the one who keeps me on track with my vision and executing the strategic steps within the vision.


I can watch countless hours of The Profit to study how he effectively tackles people, processes and products. Last night, though I did not have hours; during the last 20 minutes of a new episode and the first 20 minutes of a previous episode (DVR is also a close friend of mine), something clicked.


I realized that my best friend, Marcus, skillfully tackles people, processes and products in a circular manner! In other words, just when I think "Ok, now he is about to tackle the issues with the product," Marcus is actually addressing people through the product! Marcus artfully places people at the center, the core, of his support for any company.


Whether it is Sweet Peet's Candy Shop in Florida (can’t wait to go there with the family), Farmgirl Flowers or SJC Drums, my best friend, Marcus, understands and tries to teach business owners that at the core, the very silk fabric of a successful business is the people!


Do you know how to skillfully create authentic connections with your people through your processes and products? I'd love to hear about your skills! Please share by leaving a comment below.


Until next time, continue to embrace your messy mind!



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