It All About Strategy, Baby!

January 25, 2016


My 11 year old son recently started the basketball season with his school's team. When I drop him off at practice, I say, "Go get 'em!” and make a tiger growl sound. When I pick him up, I ask, “How was practice?” and “What strategies did you learn?” It made me think, in training, it all about the strategy, baby!


Before my clients jump into the execution of training activities, such as scheduling training events, I always ask them to take a step back and say, “Do you know what our strategy is?" Based upon my initial training assessments, I have already developed a proposed training strategy to present to them, yet it amazes me how people want to rush through the development of this crucial step.


The training strategy is the blueprint that should be aligned with your learning objectives! A strategy is the direction, focus, vision for training within your organization. It is an action packed document that is needed to support a rollout towards your launch success.


If done correctly, the strategy should support you in answering critical questions in the areas of training needs assessment, logistics, scheduling, course development, end user counts, training materials approval process… I could go on and on. Instead, let me provide you with our 8 point training strategy roadmap; recommended for your training endeavors:


1.            Training Program Scope

2.            End User Training Needs

3.            Training Curriculum

4.            Training Structure

5.            Training Materials Development

6.            Training Delivery Methods

7.            Training Delivery

8.            Training Infrastructure



Whether your training effort is large or small, the training roadmap will keep you on course towards a successful training event.


I look forward to sharing more on the topics within training, change management, and communications!


Embrace Your Messy Mind,





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