Planning Your Communications Strategy? Be sure to ask these 4 questions!

December 15, 2017



Did you know that when embarking on a change journey or any type of transformation within your organization, one of the most important aspects is communications? While other activities such as organizational readiness (are you ready to change) and organizational assessment (understand perceptions about the upcoming change) are important, strategic communications are vital.

If you want people to feel empowered, embrace and adopt the changes ahead, it is crucial for them to be A PART of the journey and on the ride as opposed to being dragged along for the distance/duration of the transformation. An environment where people can be engaged with their hearts and minds is important. People need to understand WHY the change is happening (Heart) and understand WHAT is changing (Mind). One of the ways to ensure that this level of engagement occurs is through communications!

As you are mapping out your communication strategy and finalizing your plans and activities, there are four questions to ask yourself as you determine what to communicate, when to communicate, how to communicate and to who. As you are walking through these questions, place yourself in the mind and position of the receiver:

1. What’s happening?
2. Why is this important to me?
3. What steps do I need to take?
4. If something goes wrong or I need help, who do I reach out to for support?

By utilizing these 4 questions as a guideline when developing your communication plan, you are on the path of ensuring people have information of interest to them, along with ensuring their concerns about the transformation/change are addressed.


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