Playing Your Game Baby…. Staying Connected to Your Vision

September 26, 2015


Greetings from the Messy Mind! I have missed posting, however, I am back on track. As I was riding home from a WBE (Women’s Business Enterprise) event in Pittsburgh, a Barry White (yes, the soulful crooner who knew how to WOO anyone) song, “Playing Your Game, Baby” blasted over my car speakers. While any Barry White song sends me into a trace, this one in particular, stuck a cord with me. Yes, I acknowledge the lyrics may apply to an exchange between a man and a woman, my thoughts had possibilities of the lyrics applying to a business owner and their vision. (Now, look…. Re-read the last sentence, then Re-read the title of my blog page: The Messy Mind). Ok, now stay with me for a minute….


As I stated earlier, I attended a WBE event and could not help the feeling of defeat that encompassed my mind. I was armed with my business card, dressed in my crisp, fresh, business attire, firmly planted my sparking megawatt smile and as soon as I step into the door, a fellow woman owned business owner approached me at stated, “Hi, so what do you do?” Ok, yes, hello, nice to meet you and my name is…. was not the thought that clearly entered her mind. Can we please find a course in Business Etiquette 101?


I politely introduced myself, asked for her name (names will remain anonymous to protect all parties involved), and provided a high level overview of my company, I was saved by the facilitator who announced the program was about to begin.


I shook off this initial interaction and assured myself that this was to be a positive tone of the day, yes, as the session continued, feelings of defeat overcame me as I witnessed cliques of small business owners (I only know YOU and I only want to interact with YOU), displays of dismissive behavior and just an overwhelming sense of “so what have you, will you, can you do for me lately?”.


As I was driving home from the event and listening to the lyrics, I could not help to gain a sense that these lyrics were speaking directly to me and how I need to continue to “play MY game” and not been concerned with others and their visions.


Each one of us has a purpose filled path and while we are to be of service to others, we must be steadfast in our journey. The moment we look to the left or right and compare ourselves to where and how we stack up to others, our focus is lost and we truly cannot be of service to ourselves and others.


We are and should continue to be inspired by our visions. When we are initially “struck” with our vision, it is something we cannot hide from. It touches us and creates a burning desire to want to share and shout at the top of our lungs.


Continue to “swim” in your vision and keep playing YOUR game baby!


Embrace Your Messy Mind,



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