"My group and I, having technical responsibility of an Oracle E-Business installation, highly benefited from the exceptional and in-depth training that we received from Tammy Davis.  We were immediately able to apply the classroom learning to real life business applications and solutions. 


Tammy’s attention to our organizational needs and specific setup, as well as her ability to provide on-the-spot tailoring of the curriculum for our diverse classroom base, was the value add that we expect of a professional trainer. 


During the course of several weeks, we meticulously went through major areas of the E-Business suite, including, General, Payroll, OTL and OAB.   Tammy’s training sparked a core and highly productive dialogue on many aspects of the system that were previous unknown and/or unexplored by our teams.   Again, Tammy excels at technical & non-technical delivery, product knowledgeability, active engagement and follow-up. 


Recognizing that every person in her classroom has a vital role in the success and maximized utilization of the system, Tammy’s individualized attention to every person in the room while maintaining full classroom leadership and curriculum progression is remarkable.


Needless to say, we look forward to future business relations, as it was our pleasure having Tammy Davis fulfilling our training needs." IT Director of Human Resources & Manager OIT, City of Philadelphila 

" Tammy does not look at issues as obstacles but rather as challenges that she is quite capable of managing....she negotiates with management to develop new methods and training materials to deliver the type of training which is more conducive to user requirements and really to the implementation as a whole.... I highly recommend her for any effort". President, BLS Consulting

"The instruction our Project Team received from Tammy Davis helped us gain pronounced insight into the functionality of OAB, Payroll and Time Entry Oracle eBusiness Suite modules.  Her stream-lined approach to the facilitation of these sessions meant our every expectation.  Our team came away from these multi-day sessions with an accomplished feeling that we received valuable information and ‘know-how’.


What we appreciated most about Tammy was here ability to provide instruction outside the confines of the written materials, especially when the materials did not meet our specified requirements.  She effortlessly satisfied the objectives of the courses without being tied to a script.  We welcome an opportunity to work with Tammy in the future she is a phenomenal instructor and facilitator." OnePhilly Project Team, City of Philadelphia

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