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Uncomfortable to Unstoppable:  The Secret Methods to Get Unstuck When Communicating



Uncomfortable to Unstoppable!

Learn the secret methods and approaches to better create communications in a manner that non-technical professionals can understand, relate to and act on.

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Who Is This For?

Before I tell you all about this course, let's make sure know who this course is for.


  • You deal with people who don’t “speak tech”.

  • You are responsible for creating change and handling the roll-out of something new.

  • You are a technical professional or employee who needs to explain technical processes in clear, easy-to-understand terms for customers and employers.

  • You need to explain your ideas in such a way as to make others want to support, engage and of course, finance your projects.

  • You want to have the ability to adjust your tone and understanding based on who you are talking to and understand this ability is an excellent soft skill, especially when explaining something technical to people unfamiliar with specific technology.



Prepare and Analyze
This module is focused on laying the foundation and structure for building the communications framework. In this module, you will learn about the importance of effective communication and the best ways to understand your audience.


Discover and Expand
This is the most intensive aspect of the communications framework is YOU. This module is centered on learning the techniques, and strategies to align with those who are impacted: YOUR AUDIENCE! 


Design and Plan
Now you are ready to learn the techniques to effectively draft your communications, along with ensuring adoption and engagement "stick" in how you verbalize and write your communications!
In this module, you will design and plan your communications in a manner to ensure you are achieving your desired results.

By the end of this course you will have: 

Quilla L. Director of I.T. 

"We were immediately able to apply the classroom learning to real-life business applications and solutions. Tammy’s attention to our organizational needs and specific setup, as well as her ability to provide on-the-spot tailoring of the curriculum for our diverse classroom base, was the value add that we expect of a professional trainer." 

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How to Craft a Call-to-Action Communications

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